SMSF loans are property investment loans for Australians who wish to invest their superannuation in property.

Superannuation plays a big role in your future financial stability. It is in your best interests to invest wisely for long-term benefits.

SMSF loans are tax effective, can potentially accelerate the growth of your retirement fund and are an attractive option for people wishing to build an investment property portfolio.

However, the structure of SMSF lending is more complex and costly to set up than an ordinary home loan. It pays to get it right first time round to avoid costly mistakes that could have long-term

QCS specialises in SMSF finance lending and has been helping locals invest in their future since 2007. We will guide you through the finance structure explaining the process from start to finish.

Through our expert team of external partners – Solicitors, qualified financial planners and accountants, we can even assist you in starting your Self Managed Super Fund.

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